Culture a barrier to business

Stella Magazine Founder and Editor, Amanda Donigi, has identified culture as a barrier to business relationship between PNG and Australia.

Speaking at the Australia-PNG Business Council Forum in Port Moresby, Donigi said people to people relations between Australians and Papua New Guineans was crucial to create a conducive business environment.

In her speech during the youth entrepreneur’s session, she urged Australians to understand PNG culture while also calling on Papua New Guineans to be more open with their methods to their Aussie counterparts.

“The more open you are to listen to us about our culture, this is talking to the Australians in the room, the more you’ll get from working with us here,” Amanda said.

“Similarly, we Papua New Guineans must be patient and open to sharing our methods of doing things or changing where there are benefits, because the world is changing and we are capable of change too.

“So I think talking about people to people relationships is just as valid as talking about power, ICT and Foreign Exchange,” she added.

Also speaking during the forum was House of Xen founder and Director, Xenia Peni, who touched on the high cost of doing businesses in PNG.

She said it was not conducive for small to medium enterprises (SME) wishing to expand in other parts of the country.

“Some of the challenges that we are facing with getting into these markets is that it’s expensive. There is a lot of capital investment that needs to go into setting up a shop, rent is not as cheap as what it used to be five to ten years ago.  And because of this, you’ll find that a lot of SME’s and start-up businesses operate their businesses out of homes, or they do pop up shops or it’s all online. So these are some of the challenges that we face,” she said.

 Both Amanda and Xenia were guest speakers in the young entrepreneurs session during the forum.


Picture credit:

Cedric Patjole