Mine safety, the ultimate objective

Experiencing a fatal accident at work is not worth a single ounce of resource produced out of any mine.

This is the motto acknowledged by workers and most importantly, safety officers, at the Newcrest mine at Lihir, New Ireland Province. 

Health and safety superintendent, Leo Kola, said this during his presentation of a review into the safety of employees of the mine.

During the recent mining and petroleum conference, he said safety is the utmost objective that is observed by workers at the mine site.

He explained that there are three main pillars of safety that are followed up at the mine. However, the safety officer gave an overview of the first pillar which he described was the most important.

The strongest and first pillar, which is the New Safe program, looks at building a stronger safety culture.

Kola reiterated that it is important that safety is personalised and through this program, employees are trained to personalise safety.

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Annette Kora