Minister blames Foreign Affairs dept

Minister for Trade, Commerce and Industry, Wera Mori, has called on the Department of Foreign Affairs and Labour and Industry to be tough in issuing work permits to expatriates.

Mori made this call after being questioned by this newsroom on the Government’s plans in dealing with especially Asians dominating small business operations.

Minister Mori claims Asians are illegally running canteens in settlements and other semi-urban areas without proper work permits.

“They were not supposed to take over the job opportunities that are meant for the locals.

“My department can just get a boat and ship them to where they came from.”

However, he blames the Department of Foreign Affairs and Labour for their entry into the country.

“I have noticed that Bangladeshis have been setting up tuck-shops in the suburb of Gerehu.

“I will be getting relevant authorities to look into this matter and investigate how they came into the country,” says Minister Mori.

He said the position of his ministry was to prevent foreigners from operating businesses meant for locals.



Freddy Mou