New dairy industry to boost local supply

A K120 million investment will transform the PNG dairy industry by providing more local dairy produce in PNG.

Innovative Agro Industries (IAI) Chairman, Ilan Weiss, says the company’s investment in the rundown Ilimo farm at 14-Mile outside Port Moresby is on track and that the first batch of fresh milk produce will hit the supermarket shelves in September or October.

IAI has partnered the PNG and the Central Provincial Government to redeveloped the Ilimo Farm by opening a state of the art dairy farm which will supply demand in Port Moresby and the country.

“We are very technological oriented, so everything in our farm is monitored. It’s a different set up to the one we typically see in Australia or New Zealand. The cows live indoors, they’ve got fans, they’ve got sprinklers, they get fed indoors, and they do four milking rounds a day.

“The cows are monitored and they’re tagged, so it’s similar to the Nike Apple watch technology, so we know their heart rate, we know their temperature, we know how many paces they do every day. And that’s how we monitor the cows.

“And then you have to do the milking part of course because that’s non-existent here, and then you have to do the whole dairy processing, meaning you have to setup a factory or processing plant that does the fresh milk, yoghurts, powder, ice-cream, and all the products. So it’s really exciting, it’s about creating a new industry, its quite a big investment, it’s our biggest investment to date in PNG,” said Weiss.

The IAI aim to slash fresh milk retail prices by half with the introduction of their products at the end of the year.

Protein is also expected to be affordable once the farm is in full operation.

Weiss says the first batch of cows will arrive from New Zealand on May 29.

IAI is an affiliate of the LR Group and has several projects in PNG.

They include the 9 Mile Agro Farm, The Koroba Agro Industry Farm, the ort Moresby and Lae Turbines, Hela Hydro Feasibility Study, Tari Piwa – Hela Province Agro Industrial Province.


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Cedric Patjole