RH’s vegetable flag!

​Walk into the Vision City megamall now, and if it’s not the Mark’s booth that catches your attention, it would definitely be the PNG flag display to your right.

What’s interesting about this flag is - it’s a vegetable flag.

Vegetables from RH Hypermart were artistically arranged in the design of the Papua New Guinea national flag.

And this idea by Paul Bullot Retail Manager has indeed worked its magic.

Since the Vision City Exposition started last week, many people walking into the megamall have stopped by the RH booth for a picture with the vegetable flag.

But the flag is not just for display.

“It is symbolic,” says Stephen Ellis, RH Productions Manager.

He explained that all vegetables used are local vegetables.

He added that RH Hypermart is currently in talks with a supplier in Mount Hagen to supply about 12 tons a week.

To start off, this supply will be distributed to only RH supermarkets. And then upon interest, can be distributed to hotels and restaurants.

RH stands to support subsistence farming locally. At the moment, its vegetable supply comes from the Nine-Mile vegetable farm, Sogeri, subsistence farmers around Port Moresby and very limited supply from a supplier in Hagen.


Gloria Bauai