​Behavioural change workshop for young offenders

Juveniles at the Bomana Juvenile Centre will undergo a day’s workshop on behavioural change.

The workshop will be held on Wednesday, August 09, and is aimed at reformatting the young offenders.

Amongst discussions on drugs and alcohol, bullying and gender-based violence, cult activities and gang, future positiveness and vision and choices and decision-making, juveniles will be exposed to martial arts and how it can be positively used to develop a person physically and mentally.

The behavioural workshop is vital for the rehabilitation process for the young offenders.

The objective is to enable them to leave the prison as reformed youths.

The workshop is also designed to provide the pathway for those who will be released to go back to their communities and advocate against crime.

The workshop will be facilitated by the National Youth Development Authority and supported by the Port Moresby Betting Shop Martial Arts program.

Carolyn Ure