Are national leaders neglecting their people?

The absence of clean and reliable water supply on Daru Island is due to neglect by its leaders at the national level.

Sheer negligence has resulted in the damage of water pipes worth K12 million, says Daru Island Town Mayor, Samuel Wingu.

Wingu states the Island receives water from the mainland through pipes connected beneath the sea.

However, after years of exposure to climate change and the oceanic’s acidic levels, the pipes are damaged beyond repair.

Wingu further explained there were plans to repair the Island’s water supply system by the PNG Sustainable Development Program Limited however, these K12 million pipes went up in flames.

“Now I’ve written a letter of demand to Water PNG Managing Director and the Board to explain to me and the people of Daru what has gone wrong,” said Wingu.

Wingu said the TB epidemic is widespread on the Island and with no clean and reliable water supply, the risk of developing water and sanitation related diseases is highly likely.

The town mayor is calling on the Island’s parliamentarians to recognise the real issues and needs of the Island and relieve the people’s suffering.

Carolyn Ure