Cassowary hotel to open in February 2018

The highly anticipated Cassowary Hotel in Kiunga, Western Province is expected to officially open in February 2018.

In an October 2017 progress report to Ok Tedi Development Foundation (OTDF), Chief Executive Officer Ian Middleton, and property developer Pacific Palms Property (PPP) representative Aaron Polden, jointly stated that site works are now progressing smoothly with a conclusion to internal works by year end. 

This will enable consequent occupation by Coral Sea Hotels (CSH) staff to test systems, fully furnish and stock the facility for opening.

The 40-room hotel will be managed by the CSH group, which has already begun the recruitment process with advertisements for staff positions closing on November 23. 

Employment will be on merit however priority will be given to applicants from the Community Mine Continuation Agreement (CMCA) areas, and those from within Western Province.

Other direct benefits for the CMCA and Western people includes a range of hotel operating services, and the selling of fresh local produce to the hotel,  from Mine Village eggs to North Fly kaukau to Middle Fly rice and even fisheries products from as far as the South Fly delta.

Middleton said that this project has not been without its contract challenges but these have now been overcome.

“I am pleased to be working with PPP to deliver such a high quality facility within Kiunga township”, he adds.

The CMCA Trusts are to be congratulated on recognising Kiunga as a fast growing, vibrant urban centre with a high demand for quality accommodation for public and private sector business travellers”.

Meantime, the Mining Minister, Johnson Tuke, who was recently in Kiunga had the opportunity to visit the Cassowary Hotel construction site and was impressed with what he saw, along with the work that OTDF is doing.

“As they say ‘seeing is believing’ and I did,” Minister Tuke said.

The hotel is the eighth and final major investment project to be delivered by OTDF under the current CMCA Trust Investment processes.

This completes a real estate, aviation and shipping portfolio worth in excess of PGK100 million that is expected to return double that value by 2025 and directly benefit future generations of the CMCA people.

From 2018 all Trust Investment funding and consequent projects will revert through Mineral Resources Star Mountains.

The Cassowary Hotel construction is expected to be completed for PGK33 million and will be generating an annual return in excess of PGK2 million over 20 years for the eight CMCA Trusts of Nupmo, Tutuwe, Wai Tri, Middle Fly, Suki-Fly Gogo, Manawete, Kiwaba & Dudi, and the four CMCA Women’s Associations of Nupmo, Tutuwe, Wai Tri and Middle Fly.

PPP and CSH are part of the Steamships Trading group of companies.

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