Community urged to assist in appeal

Appeal efforts to assist with flood impacted villages in the Mekeo-Kairuku area have intensified as reports emerge that the situation is worsening.

Chairman of the Mekeo-Kairuku Flood appeal group, Java Beraro is appealing to the public to be vigilant in assisting this worthy cause.

He says if each person only donated a packet of rice that would help greatly to the assistance drive, as a packet of rice can feed at least five people in the village.

Beraro says those willing to assist can reach the appeal team through his number on 76833948 or his deputy John Apinini on 76985529.

“The donation of food will make a huge difference; a packet of rice or and a can of fish can assist to feed a family – for a night,” he appealed.

He added this weekend will be the last – but they will continue their efforts to other organisations.

“I am calling out especially to our elected leaders and the responsible leaders within the community.

“This group is a volunteer group without the usual cash drive, because while we wait for the government’s assistance our people are starving in the villages”.

Imelda Wavik