Gazelle roadworks continue

Roadworks are continuing in East New Britain’s Gazelle District to make travelling easier for commuters.

In the past two weeks, sections of roads at Iatapal in Livuan-Reimber LLG, the stretch of road from the Gazelle district office to NARI and Napapar in Central Gazelle were graded with drainage works done.

The works are being carried out by the civil sector under the Gazelle Business Corporation Limited (GBCL).

Due to numerous potholes along Napapar 4 that are hard to fill, the old bitumen was ripped off and graded again with drainage put in place.

Member for Gazelle and Civil Aviation Minister, Jelta Wong, said the district road works machines would continue to repair and maintain roads in the district that are deteriorating. 

He admitted that most feeder roads in the district are in awful condition and is a headache for road users who struggle to make ends meet daily. 

“The road maintenance work in the five LLGs is seen to be easing travel difficulties and hardships faced by the people,” the Gazelle MP said.

Minister Wong stressed that the maintenance of roads in the district is his priority.

He said especially during the festive period, passable roads will allow people to access public services.

Meanwhile, GBCL has also embarked on demolishing and rebuilding a community hall at Bitakapuk ward in Toma-Vunadidir LLG.

Minister Wong said the rundown hall is being refurbished after concerns by locals that they did not have a proper place for important gatherings.

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