Govt works to strengthen partnership with churches

The Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill continued his support of the work Churches do in the communities around the country by attending the Lutheran Synod in Mogl, Chimbu Province.

“We are here to show our support for the work Churches carry out in the country,” the Prime Minister said.

He said recently the Lutheran Church celebrated 500 years of reform and like any government or institutions, reform is done to help strengthen people’s way of life.

“Our Government is behind our Churches but want to see even greater partnership.”

The Prime Minister reiterated that Government and Church partnership is very important for the country.

“Church leaders work in challenging environment.

“The government is supporting a lot of church programs and will continue to support health and education services.”

The Prime Minister also urged the church to assist the government to take a strong role in addressing issues such as sorcery related violence, violence against women and girls, and drug and alcohol abuse in communities.

“Addressing these issues is not the work of the government only, but we must do this together.

“We all have the responsibility to address social issues in our communities.

The Prime Minister said the Government’s priority now is on infrastructure development and the Chimbu province will be getting a huge chunk of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) Funding.

He said the Government has also given K5 million to landowners for water supply in Kundiawa and the National Government will be working with the Provincial government to ensure the project goes ahead.

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