Hoskins-Koimumu road severely devastated

The people of Hoskins in the Talasea district, West New Britain have called on their parliamentary leaders to listen to their cry and fix their road.

The Hoskins to Koimumu road has been neglected for the past years without a maintenance work done to fix the road.

The road is the main highway used by people to transport their produce to town.

Village leaders at Vovosi in the Hoskins area of West New Britain are concerned about the falling state of the road.

Village elder Elias Wase, called on the government to fix and maintain the road or see people suffer.

Wase said the road had deteriorated to a stage where people’s cash crops like copra and cocoa were rotting away because there was no transport to move the produce to markets to sell.

He added that there was no maintenance done on the road since its construction 15 years ago.

However, Provincial Administrator Williamson Hosea said funding has been released to the contractor to carry out maintenance work but to date nothing has been done.

“I don’t really know where the problem is or what the cause of the delay is,” he said.

Hosea, who hails from the Hoskins area said the road was one of government priority areas but really don’t understand the delay.


Freddy Mou