Kadovar emergency operations outlined

The Minister responsible for National Disaster Management, has outlined the scope of operation for the emergency operations at Kadovar.

In a statement Kevin Isifu outlined a ten point agenda aimed to save lives and organize an initial resettlement site.

Top on the agenda is to set up communication lines and sort out a Monitoring and Reporting Operations;

The Minister says that they will also put in place transportation operations for movement of affected lives and delivery of emergency supplies and medical needs and safety operations;

Efforts will also center to locate an Emergency Settlement focused to develop an Alternate Settlement Site for affected lives;

They will also secure transit center for lives affected. Currently people on two islands were affected, Kadovar itself and Ruprup Island, Ruprup currently is where the people have been evacuated and hence work will be carried out to secure for the immediate relief operation.

Meantime, the immediate Emergency Action period is based on initial assessment of the disaster office for ‘immediate action’. The period is set for 36 days from the 06th of January 2018 and all operations to be centered in the first instance on 36 days operation

A longer term Action Period is based on preliminary assessments which indicate a longer period if the whole chain of volcanic islands in the Schouten Group are activated by the activity on Kadovar, therefore for the immediate period, a total of 12 months Action Plan is to be set accordingly and put into operation.

Meanwhile the minister also took the opportunity to outline the need for provincial collaboration, highlighting that the success of the emergency operation needs full collaboration and cooperation with the Government of East Sepik and its instrumentalities and administration.

“We will as part of this operation have the oversight collaboration with the Governor and operations collaboration with the provincial administration and agencies,” he assures.

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