Kiunga district hospital deteriorating

The Kiunga District Hospital in Western Province needs immediate attention from the Health Authorities both at the provincial and national level.

North Fly MP James Donald when visiting the hospital recently said the current situation at the hospital requires immediate attention and action from all responsible authorities and stakeholders.

He said from his visit and meeting with the hospital staff and management, the hospital is facing many problems including medical drug shortage.

 “I had a time with the staff trying to understand all the issues surrounding the request for the attention. As a local MP I assured the staff that I will raise the hospital’s issue quickly to the responsible health authority at provincial and National level to deal with it,” Donald said.

He said from what he was advised, the hospital is going through numerous challenges and problems that include medical drug shortage, which is also common around the country.

Apart from that, the hospital’s own problems include shortage in staffing, long overdue staff wages, poor health workers living conditions, the hospital infrastructure also needs a facelift, urgent requirements for doctors, and management issues with the free health care policy not working well.

Freddy Mou