Land owners appeal to Govt

The National Government has been called on to send a senior magistrate to attend to a land identification case for the traditional landowners of the Alotau Water Supply Project.

On Behalf of the Landowner group of which the project is located in, Sahara Ronald is appealing to the state to step in to assist them.

Ronald says that many of the Landowners have yet to receive funding from as far back as 2013 when the commitment was made.

The Principal landowner said that K1 million kina has been released for the part payment of the pledged K3.2 Million for the compensation of the Project landowners.

The K1 Million is sitting idle in the provincial treasury in Alotau.

She said that the people of the concerned locality are now missing out on the benefit from spin off activities.

Ronald is the legitimate landowner along with her family members who come from clan Garuboi Baiobaio who had allocated land for the water project to be constructed on.

She said the water project is vital as it serves the entire population of Alotau including the state run services such as Hospitals, Schools amongst other key agencies.

The landowners are now adamant to shut down the project site come November 20th if the Government is not swift to send a Magistrate to finalise the case soon.


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Benny Geteng