Local author promotes new book

People who are currently being employed in the formal sector will one day reach retirement age, but are they prepared to face the life after employment?

A book titled: "Life After Formal Employment is Real! Prepare For It", is written by Papua New Guinean first time author Linda Tule.

This 83-page book contains six chapters.

Chapter one emphasises on how well one will come to terms with life after employment and helps you prepare yourself. 

Chapter two talks about how the author was inspired to write this book while chapter three points out what happens when people are not prepared for life after employment. It emphasises on how people are reluctant to retire because without employment, there is nothing else out there.

Chapter four deals with why people must be prepared after employment. It stresses on unprepared employees at risk of spending all their money in no time after leaving work.

The next chapter talks about preparing for life after employment, giving an example of a success story of an ex-policeman who was prepared for life after 38 years of formal employment.

The final chapter is about being responsible; taking ownership of your future. 

The publication also contains its own survey report.

For Port Moresby residents who are interested in getting a copy, Tule will be at Vision City Megamall on Thursday and Friday this week.

Her book was launched in June this year.

(Author Linda Tule)

Jemimah Sukbat