Madang to focus on human development

The Governor for Madang, Peter Yama, says there needs to be a thorough focus on human development in the province before anything else can be sought after.

The Governor Yama was replying to queries on plans for Tourism in the province – taking into consideration that the provincial government had handed in their 2018 budget.

He said that Madang has been seen as a popular tourist destination and there is a need for that perspective to be kept, however without investing in its people, this may not be possible.

“The people are the backbone of every industry or income revenue avenues, they must be prioritised hence the provincial government is aiming to look at different platforms to invest in its people including boost in education and SME’s”, he stated.

Yama added that Tourism is also a priority as Madang has a high probability of becoming one of the major tourism attractions once again – as it once was.

Meantime, the Governor also reiterated that the recent presentation of the budget for the province has included education and SME boosting as two most priorities that will be seen as a long term development goal, one which he aims to focus on going on through his term as Governor.

Imelda Wavik