Malasyian Association give K30,000 to Heart Foundation

The PNG Malaysian Association has presented a donation of K30,000 to the Sir Buri Kidu Heart Foundation.


PMGH cardiologist and director of the Sir Buri Kidu Heart Foundation, Professor Sir Isi Kevau in an interview about the challenges of being a cardiologist said there was a lack of vital medical equipment for heart patients.

“This money will be used to buy specialised equipment for the patients who suffer from heart diseases.”

The most important one being the electro cardiography (ECG) which is a machine that records the electrical activity that occurs in the heart and from that diagnosis are made.

He said the very first machine they bought cost around K92,000 and at the moment, it is in dire need for a new machine to replace the old one.

“There is also Eco-cardiography standard as well as the portable eco cardiography machine which is also equally important as the electro cardiography for heart patients. All of these equipment would cost up to half a million for all three.”

The Sir Buri Kidu Heart Foundation is a charity-based set up and is funded through means of donors like the PNG Malaysian Association as well as others.

The K30, 000 donated will be put into the institutions account that will pay for the half a million kina quotation for the three vital medical equipment mentioned.

“This is a useful gesture of making a contribution to the welfare of our people.”

Prof Keva’s advice to patients and people living with heart disease is to be health conscious of their diet and exercise on a daily basis.

“Keep up a healthy lifestyle to live longer.”

He said, it is his personal plan for the institution that one day in the next ten to fifteen years, we have an institution that looks at primary, secondary and tertiary prevention services of heart diseases in heart patients and that all treatments done in Australia and Singapore to be done here in PNG.

“It’s going to require a lot of funding from both the government sector and the private sector but I’m saying this because I’ve seen a lot the development of heart disease in my lifetime and it is my duty to bring the Institution to accomplish the next  step before I retire,” he said.


Annette Kora