Morobe women assist in cancer screening

Women in Labu-Tale village in Morobe Province are mobilizing their efforts to set up an Aid-Post to enable cervical cancer screening.

Their aim is to get all women screened and protected against this curable, yet killer disease.

Almost 200 village women have raised their hands to combine their efforts and support Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Specialist from NCD Health Services Dr Lutty Amos turn the abandoned Aid Post in their village into a screening centre.

Dr Amos said these women took up the initiative after the awareness session she conducted over the weekend in observation of January, as the cervical cancer awareness month.

Dr Amos further stated that fear and misconceptions is the main cause of negligence amongst women.

Prevention and screening are the key messages she is driving.

Dr Amos has registered close to 200 women and will return in April to conduct screening.

Between this time and then, the women have committed to cleaning the Aid-Post, setting up a bed and source of water to allow screening.

Dr Amos said other related women’s health issues were also covered in the 2 days cervical cancer awareness sessions.

Carolyn Ure