Motor company helps raise K67, 000 for charity

The 2 Fast Motors Ltd charity car wash fundraising drive fetched more than K67,000 for Life Care Papua New Guinea children’s education recently.

CEO of 2 Fast Motors, Billy Lin confirmed that K67, 152. 55 at the company’s car wash outlet at Vision City on Saturday.

Lin said that the Chinese community had contributed K58,000 in cash and cheques, car wash K8,126 and sausage sizzle K1,025.55.

He commended the Chinese community in Port Moresby for their personal donations for worthy cause to support unfortunate children education.

“This car wash drive for charity organisation has set the record within only seven hour more than K67, 000 was raised.

Lin and his family recently awarded permanent citizenship of Papua New Guinea was recognize for his contributions to the community.

“Our motto is sharing is caring for the less fortunate ones.

“From my kind heart and my young families support we have are doing from our hearts as Christians.

“This is part of our community obligation and we will still do it for worthy cause.

“Our children's are very happy coz they can go back to school and I'm pleased.

“My future plan for Life PNG Care is to continue support and to send more unprivileged child back to school, as we always said "children are the future of our country".

LCPNG CEO Colin Pake commended Lin and his company management including the Chinese community for their generous donations also the car owners in Port Moresby.

Pake added that we have 130 kids from the care centre going to school and needed more funding to support us which 2 Fast Motors Ltd came on board again to our aid.

“Two girls are attending Marianville secondary school at Bomana and another one at Port Moresby Technical College also others attend primary schools.

“This is priority to the centre for all the children to attend schools and be educated.” Pake said.

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