New era in NCD waste management

Cell 1 of the new and improved Baruni Landfill commenced operation on the 18th of September, taking in almost 60 tons of waste every day.

This signals the start of a new era in waste management for the nation’s capital.

NCDC Waste Management Manager, Joshua Sam, said cell 2 is expected to be completed in February 2018 and work on the third cell will start thereafter.

The landfill’s special features include its improved emissions control, and treatment system together with accelerated decomposition of waste.

From a climate change perspective, methane produced by decomposing waste is 23 times more damaging than carbon dioxide, hence the piping system in the cells reduces the production of methane gas, therefore making the dump environmentally friendly.

The whole revamp of the Baruni Landfill is expected to be completed by March 2018.

(Picture: Devpolicy)

Carolyn Ure