Plans to source maths and science teachers from India

The PNG Government is exploring the possibility of recruiting Mathematics and Science Teachers fro India to teach in PNG High Schools and Secondary School to improve the quality of learning in those subjects.

This is one of the agendas of the PNG delegation who will travel to India next month.

Minister Richard Maru, who will lead the delegation, said India had some of the best minds in maths and science and it was only fitting that PNG pick the best minds to teach students in the country.

Minister Maru said maths and science were subject which the country did not perform well in.

He said based on advice from the Department of Higher Education, out of 28, 000 who do grade 12 exams just over 3000 have the entry marks for Universities and colleges.

“I’m keen to make a request to the Indian Government, under the aid program, to make maths and science teachers available especially for our secondary schools.

“We need to really focus on maths and science in a big way’ Maru said.

Minister Maru also stated they will discussing with the Indian Government in sourcing low cost text books.

Maru said the current arrangement in sourcing text book materials oversea, particularly Australia, is very expensive.

“If the Government wants to get more text books out to our schools. We need to find a place where we can buy the same quality books but at a much lower cost, and why not a country like India.”

Other initiatives being looked into include building partnerships between domestic and Indian Universities, research, and space technology,

Maru said the move is part of the Governments agenda under the Alotau Accord to improve education.

Cedric Patjole