Is PNG Govt interested in local writers, artists?

The responsibility rests solely on Papua New Guinean writers, illustrators, artists like bilum makers and carvers, to promote their own creation.

This was revealed to Loop PNG by chair of the Crocodile Prize volunteer organization committee (2016-2018), when asked if the government was doing enough to support writers and other artists in the country in promoting and marketing their work.

Emmanuel Peni said: “Unfortunately our Government has not had any interest and action on the state of writing, art and culture in PNG. It is a limiting way of looking at things and waiting for the Government to do something.”

A first-time author, Linda Tule, said she persevered despite the lack of support in the publishing and selling of her book.

She said if she was to give her work to foreign publishers, it would mean that they own her work and in return, she get less money than she deserved.

Crocodile prize competition, managed by Crocodile prize Inc, was established in 2010 to encourage creative and critical writing and to provide Papua New Guineans with access to home grown literature.

With 245 entries in 2017 from 87 Papua New Guineans, the competition is growing with interests from many writers around the country. It is also unfortunate on their part that they do not have any support from the government.

Jemimah Sukbat