A treat for ‘Travel2Change’ trek team

Members of the ‘Travel2Change’ trek team were treated to their first-ever boat cruise after completing their Finisterre Range Challenge.

Starting on October 25th in Morobe, the team completed the final leg of their journey in Madang on Monday, November 2nd.

The 24 trek members reached Saidor, Raicoast, at 4.30pm. On November 4th, they commuted by dinghy to Madang town; an approximate 5-hour journey.

In Madang, Vincent Kumura of the Kumura Foundation said they were welcomed by prominent businessman, Sir Peter Barter, who gave them the Sugen Aben section of Madang Resort to rest.

“After our capstone ‘Travel2Change’ review program, we took an afternoon boat ride on Kalibobo Spirit, courtesy of Sir Peter Barter and the Melanesian Foundation,” said Kumura.

“All the trek members, mostly ordinary village folks from remote Bundi, have never in their lifetime thought they would be given such a treat. It was a luxurious experience that they will never forget. A story they will tell and retell for a long time.

“We would like to sincerely thank Sir Peter Barter, the owner of Melanesian Tourism Services in Madang and Melanesian Foundation, for hosting our ‘Travel2Change’ trek team. Also, we would like to sincerely thank the Sir Brian Bell Foundation for sponsoring our ‘Travel2Change’ fundraising Finisterre Range challenge.

“We would not have done this and touched many people’s lives without their support. Such great community effort. Thank you!”

The goal of the trek is to raise K60,000 to fund the foundation’s three key rural health and education projects in Bundi for 2021.

Carmella Gware