US Embassy steps up preps ahead of APEC

The US Embassy in Port Moresby has announced that its highest priority is the 2018 APEC preparation.

Ambassador Catherine Ebert- Gray made the announcement during the recently held PNG-US Alumni annual general meeting.

“We just returned from an offsite where we scoped out APEC calendars, roles, activities and preparations.  The size of the American delegation to APEC fits the importance we place on a region which accounts for 55% of the world’s GDP, 44% of the world’s trade, and 40% of the world population,” said the ambassador. 

She said while it is far too early to know the US President’s 2018 calendar, “We do know he thoroughly appreciated APEC in Viet Nam and we are preparing for his potential visit to Port Moresby along with his wife, the Secretary of State, US Trade Rep, and other VIPS.”

 The US Embassy is working closely with the APEC Authority in planning flight arrivals, hotel rooms, and security, in addition to policy development in trade, women in the economy, and the digital economy.  

Meredith Kuusa