Xmas cheer shared at Tabubil hospital

The Christmas spirit was shared with patients of the Tabubil Private Hospital on Christmas Day following the presentation of gifts by employees of Diwai Pharmaceuticals Limited (DPHL) together with Ok Tedi Mining’s Business Continuity Department.

This was an initiative that was encouraged by the Tabubil Hospital Administrator, Margareth Samei.

“Christmas Day is all about giving, and we as employees are blessed with the gift of having our jobs and therefore it is important to share this Christmas Spirit by giving back to our patients who are spending their Christmas in the hospital,” she stated.

Tabubil Hospital’s Health Inspector, Peter Boli, dressed as Santa Claus and visited every patient with his little helper.

“Most patients admitted in the wards come from the surrounding communities and sometimes they struggle to provide for their own daily needs. Taking part in such an event is very encouraging, especially on a special day like Christmas,” Boli said.

“I am glad I took part in an event like this, it gives this satisfaction that regardless of what small contribution you give, you still bring joy and especially the Christmas Spirit to someone in need.”

Food, toys, snacks, toiletries, clothes and kitchen utensils were given to patients at the General Ward, the Maternity Ward, and the Accidents and Emergency ward.

Furthermore, it was a special moment for employees who visited the patients as they welcomed two Christmas babies at the maternity ward.

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