Youth rehabilitation through values training

Juveniles from the Bomana Prison are undergoing the ‘Youths, Agents of Behavioral Change Training’ with the main objective to change their mindsets.

The training is aimed to deal with the young offenders and groom them to be the agents of change when they are released back into their communities.

The training is part of their rehabilitation process.

Conducted by National Youth Development Authority, experts in youth issues say absence of core values contribute to the breakdown of societies.

“Today’s young people are lost. They are not been equipped or have the fundamental values; Christian values, cultural values and family values that is why most young people are in this problem” said NYDA Provincial Planner Joe Messa.

The teaching of these values are not done at home, hence, youths end up behind bars he further stated.

12 juveniles are undertaking this weeklong training that aims to build their leadership capacities and how to use these traits to be the change themselves before reaching out to their communities as role models.

What caused them to be in the juvenile centre was one question during today’s session that hit home and prompted the young offenders to reflect on the decisions they make.

The topics covered in the next few days will equip them with the fundamentals of decision making and how to correct and learn from the mistakes and offences they have committed.

‘”Through this training they will learn and understand some of these values so that they learn from their mistakes and transform their mindsets so they become good decision makers for themselves” said Messa.

The juveniles will engage in innovative sessions and will undergo both theory and practical lessons during the training.

Facilitators of the training say their desire is to transform the character, attitude and mindsets of these young offenders through this training.

Carolyn Ure