K80m received for 2017 Elections

The Papua New Guinea Electoral Commission has up till now received K80 million from the National Government for the 2017 General Elections.

Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato confirmed during the issue of Writs that the Commission has so far spent over K50 million.

Gamato said some of the funds have been committed and will be used up.

In terms of awareness, much of the cost is going towards publishing posters to be distributed across the country.

“The awareness posters have been distributed to all the election managers in the provinces to be put up in the electorates for the public to see.

“The awareness branch has been working closely with the media team and the PNGEC has run training for all media outlets.

“These are some of the cost that went into awareness,” Gamato.

Gamato said the printing of posters has been sub contracted out by tender to private companies to print the posters.


Quintina Naime