Moresby North East Counting resumes

Counting for Moresby north east has resumed following a full day of suspension.

Counting got underway just after 1pm following yesterday’s suspension over issues raised by scrutineers.

Before counting scrutineers were given a rundown of the laws governing the conduct of scrutineers at counting venues.

They were informed that if they did not abide by them they would be removed or could be charged.

Counting for the seat has been affected end due to several suspensions.

In order to fast track counting, Returning Officer, Thomas Rango, has opted to have two ballot boxes counted at the same time.

The following are the results as of the last count 64.

Moresby North-East - after count 64




Joetintin Saraga

Christian Democratic Party

4, 117

John Kaupa


3, 863

Labi Amaiu

Peoples Cngress Party

2, 781

Carl Okuk


2, 405

Sape Molumi


1, 763


More updates to follow.


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Cedric Patjole