Tkatchenko nominates at Konedobu

Despite the heavy downpour, supporters and campaigners of Moresby South MP nominee, Justin Tkatchenko waited in the open for him to make his appearance and give his address.

More than a thousand supporters wearing green t-shirt with Tkatchenko’s face printed on it turned up at the Sir Hubert Murray Oval to show support for Tkatchenko as their nominee for the Moresby South electorate.

Speaking to his supporters and campaigners, Tkatchenko thanked the people of Moresby South for their outstanding support in the last five years as their MP.

He said without the help of his team to deliver productive services and infrastructure, Moresby South wouldn’t have come this far.

 Tkatchenko said that with the backing from you; my supporters, we will continue to deliver more in Moresby South electorate adding that he is confident that he will come out as winner in 2017 National Elections.


Annette Kora