​Empowering aspiring Oro musicians

Northern Province is famous for the birdwing butterfly and tapa cloth, but not so much for its music.

Pushing this agenda with the inaugural Oro Music Festival is a recently formed foundation called the Birdwing Foundation.

The foundation is a community initiative aimed at supporting individuals and groups from Oro Province.

In collaboration with the Cosmopolitan Club, the Oro Music Fest will be staged this weekend, May 19, at the super club.

The Music Fest is an initiative aimed at promoting and empowering musicians from its homeland.

There are some famous bands from Oro that have graced PNG’s music industry, including a new breed of emerging musicians.

The night will feature seven of these bands: Sethzmahn, TT Rocks Band, Tezzah, Tembari Mei crew, Empiss of Oro, KTX Band featuring dAdiigii and DJ Socket.

“These bands are famous among people from Oro. We hope the rest of PNG will know of them and their music from this,” organiser Sheena Bawo said.

She said the event will also be recognised yearly.

PNG’s most loved magician, Jack Spade, who also hails from Oro, will be entertaining the crowd during the brackets.

Presold tickets are K40 and K50 at the gate.

All proceeds raised from the event will go towards supporting the musicians and Birdwing Foundation in its other projects.

For more information about Oro Music Fest or Birdwing Foundation, contact Sheena Bawo on email: hellobirdwingfoundation@gmai.com

Gloria Bauai