New release exudes positive vibes

Young people’s taste in music determine the trend in the market.

But in most cases, artists influence the trend.

So while most of PNG’s younger generation are steering towards songs with catchy phrases, others, particularly the older generation, want songs with positive messages.

That’s why CMB’s Hanua Merona has been well received by all generations.

The song is mostly sung in Motu and focuses on the daily life of a young man from the area.

CMB hopes the song encourages young men, especially those from the Motuan coastline, to be proud of where they are from – their village, culture, tradition, family.

Reason being that in this age, many have strayed away from their families to do drugs and alcohol instead.

Since the release of the song, its video was highly anticipated.

The video was released on YouTube and the link shared on CMB’s Facebook page last month with the caption reading:

We hope you all enjoy the clip and hope you find in you that Motuan pride. For those living abroad, we hope this brings a lil bit of home to you and comforts you in your walk of life wherever you are in this world. We encourage you to make the trip back home and just soak up a bit of the village life during your holidays. Peles em stap.”

The video captures two young men. One went out fishing in the morning, the other off hunting. They both return in the afternoon with their catch of the day – a string of fish and a wallaby. Contributing to the family dinner and happy time around the fire.

It did do the magic and received positive comments.

Here’s the link to the video:

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