Everyday People PNG : Jules Binta

When my mother gave birth to me, I was dead.

The doctors and nurses tried their best to save me but they couldn’t, so they agreed to cover me with blanket and bring me home. But then my mother said to them. Please don’t cover my son’s nose, he’s not dead.

The story reminds me of two things; first one is the act of love and the second one is never give up. My mother did not give up because she loved me so much. “God did not give up in bringing His word to us. Frist he sent the prophets, than His son Jesus Christ. My challenge to other young people is, ‘do not give up, and keep praying’. I know it’s not easy but if we try our best, God will do the rest.

  •  Jules Binta, Vunabosco, Youth Alive Rabaul 
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