Jumping for picture killed woman

"Misadventure" caused a woman to fall 60 metres to her death while posing for a photo at an iconic British landmark.

Hyewon Kim, a 23-year-old South Korean studying English in the UK, asked a stranger to take her photo while she was atop the Seven Sisters cliff in East Sussex.

As she jumped in the air for a photo on June 22, she lost her footing and fell 60m and suffered catastrophic injuries in the fall. 

Kim died as a result of misadventure, Eastbourne senior coroner Alan Craze ruled.

The inquest into Kim's death heard there were several photos of her close to the cliff edge, and of her jumping "extremely close to the edge".

"Her concentration is not on anything other than what she is doing," Detective Sergeant Tod Stewart told the court.

"The expression on her face shows nothing but enjoyment."

The coroner ruled Kim died after she landed with one foot "beyond the cliff edge and only her other foot landing on the cliff edge".

"Every one of the photos shows her looking away from the cliff edge. A lot of South East Asians like to visit because the Seven Sisters refer to the seven daughters of the Chinese deity, the Jade Emperor.

"If people do things which put them in extreme and obvious danger, there is a limit to which they can be stopped."


Photo: LUKE MACGREGOR/REUTERS (Caption: Hyewon Kim was periolously close to the edge of the cliff when she jumped in the air for a photo. She fell 60m and was suffered catastrophic injuries.)