‘Building bridges to leave no man behind’

Status and ethnicity aside, at least 80 young women around PNG have gathered in Port Moresby to build bridges for their tomorrow.

The YWCA young women's forum, currently underway at Crowne Plaza, boasts the theme "building bridges to leave no man behind".

The forum allows for young women between ages 18 - 30 to share their success stories and voice their opinion.

Most of these young women have undergone leadership programs with YWCA. A few others expressed interest to be part of the 2-day forum.

The forum brought in panelists and guest speakers.

Some senior citizens were also present to observe and share mentorship and a balanced voiced.

Diane Kambanei, executive director, said the idea is to highlight intergenerational leadership.

"This forum provides a safe place for these young women to learn from each other. Their voices will be used as resolutions and documented," she said.

The forum, which has other activities for the women, ends tomorrow.

Gloria Bauai