APEC Concept shop opens

Gemini Jewelries opened their new jewelry shop with a rather different and innovative concept behind it.

It is the APEC Concept shop with the main aim of showcasing the country's arts and crafts and Jewelries.

Gemini Jewelries has diversified its products tapping into the country's unique arts and crafts hence making it different from any other jewelry shop.

Owner of Gemini Jewelries, Kathy Johnston, said it is hoped that the shop will provide the ideal market for local artists and jewelers.

"The shop features arts and crafts from all 22 provinces and will continue to purchase from locals to support their work" said Johnston.

Fellow staff of Gemini Jewelries and longtime resident of PNG, Sue Darby, praised the artistic work of Papua New Guinean artists and Jewelers.

"The jewelry are all locally made by Papua New Guinean jeweler Tau Rupa and his work is as good as or even better than any jeweler from any other part of the world.

“The jewelries are purely PNG made and make the perfect souvenir for tourists and the participants from the APEC countries" said Darby.

The opening of the shop was witnessed by friends and the business community.

Carolyn Ure