A book to inspire lives

Story telling is still considered one of the most effective ways of bringing across messages, inspire people and sell ideas or concept.

With this in mind, John Kamasua, a lecturer at the University of PNG is putting together a project of positivity. 

Imagine page after page of inspirational and motivating stories for our young people, he says.

Kamasua’s concept is a book titled 8 million possibilities, which he started a month ago.

“The idea is to get Papua New Guineans with good stories to consider writing and submitting them for publication in a book form,” he said.

Contributors are to tell of their achievements including the challenges and hurdles overcame to be where they are. 

This national book project is accepting contributions from Papua New Guinean nationals, both in country and overseas, with no specific age range or experience required.

This project is expected to have a “dynamite effect”.

“We want you to tell us how you began your journey…view this undertaking as your special contribution towards motivating and inspiring the next generation of PNGeans now, and into the future,” he said.

The project is being spearheaded by PNG Career Development Inc. It has already secured experienced writers/ authors Rashimii Bell, Ed Bramby and Phil Fitzpartick as editors.

With the New Year, a core committee will be set up for this.

Meantime, Kamasua says interest has been growing, with two contributions so far.

“It’s a national project. I want everyone to own it.  I believe we all can do something.”

Follow link for more information 8 million possibilities - the PNG national book project

You can get in touch with the originator of this book concept, John K Kamasua, on pngcareerdev@gmail.com or mobile (675) 7310 2381 to indicate your interest and willingness to participate.

Gloria Bauai