Changes in store for IEA

The International Education Agency (IEA) board has taken its first step towards building a positive environment.

As is the intention of the newly appointed chairman Mea Ravu, directors of board of governors from IEA schools in Port Moresby and Lae underwent a two-day training.

This is the first for IEA, who has been in the country for over 40 years now.

"My vision is to introduce good governance and best practices. And I want to start at the board level," Ravu says.

The 12 participants were equipped with director skills over the period.

Ravu states basic skills such as governance, roles and responsibilities, identifying risks were some imparted by the PNG Institute of Directors who facilitated the training.

He said most had experience but had never gone through formal training.

"At the end of the day, it’s not about directing, it’s about being equipped with skills.

"When the board is equipped with the right skills, it helps them be more productive and constructive," he said.

For the IEA, Ravu said board decisions impact schools, way of doing things, their investments, developments and infrastructure.

"For us, our focus is on the children. They are the stakeholders who invest in us for quality education. Now we're in a better position to make right decisions," he said.

Ravu noted legacy issues that faced IEA in previous years.

He said the challenge now is to address this and move forward.

And he aims to start with equipping his staff with the right tool to push for transparency and accountability.

In the coming week, a local consultancy firm will be engaged to conduct a governance review.

"This is just the beginning of things," he said.

Gloria Bauai