Daru’s TB fight reaps rewards

Two years on and the physical labour in the fight against TB on Daru Island is reaping success.

The Daru accelerated response for TB sites has recorded positive response from patients.

The sites treat multidrug-resistant TB (MDR-TB) and drug sensitive cases which have gained significant improvement, noted Dr Sonia Madjus, technical leader of Western and NCD provinces’ TB response.

Dr Madjus said the loss in follow-up rate was previously 30 percent but this has seen an enormous reduction to less than 1 percent.

This means all patients that are registered at Daru General Hospital and the accelerated response sites are all accounted for in undergoing treatment and completing their treatment.

The initial target was to reduce the 30 percent loss in follow-up rate to 5 percent but Daru Island has gone as low as less than a percent.

Keeping the loss to follow-up rate at less than a percent will enable the complete reduction of transmission of the disease on the Island, said Dr Madjus.

She said the health workers are working tirelessly to get the remaining 1 percent to follow-up and complete their treatment.

The improvement in rates is credited to stakeholder support and more importantly, the monthly incentives given to the patients.

The patients who take their medication faithfully with 100 percent follow-up and attendance rate are awarded grocery vouchers up to K150.

This has proven to be a success and encourages patients to complete their medication.

Carolyn Ure