Health operations in danger of scaling down

Christian Health Services may be forced to scale down operations if the government fails to release the balance of 2017 CHS appropriation.

This is the course to take as strike is not an option, says deputy chairman of the board, Rev. James Koi.

He says health workers in at least 464 facilities through the country have been working, even with the pay delay.

“CHS and its executive strongly feel that although there is financial crisis being experienced, we cannot neglect other life sustaining social programs like health,” he said.

He further pleaded that the government adhere to its social obligation to its people regardless of the cost.

Furthermore, the non-release of funds, particularly for salary and operational in the last four months, totalling over K23m, has impacted their operations.

CHS stated that the irregularities in pay schedules have seen service delivery compromised due to the low morale of health workers.

But more importantly, it has seen non-performance in key areas such as outreach and immunisation programs.

Rev. Koi said these programs were not carried out due to the absence of funding.

“…not providing timely release of funds will leave the vast rural populations at risk to preventable disease outbreak and unpromising health indicators,” he said.

The Christian health workers have been put in an unfair position and the government should address this issue as soon as possible, stresses the reverend.

CHS is made up of 27 different denominations in PNG, not including the Catholic Church.

(Deputy chairman of the CHS board, Rev. James Koi)

Gloria Bauai