Lack of funds, HIV increased: Officer

The slight increase in HIV/AIDS cases in the country has been attributed to lack of funds.

Chairman of the National AIDS Council, John Ipidari, said insufficient funding for the secretariat in the last 3 to 4 years hindered awareness and education activities.

However, the increase in cases prompted the government and donor agencies to respond accordingly.

He said the epidemic attacks everyone, irrespective of age and race.

Ipidari further pointed out that socialising responsibly is the first step to protecting yourself from the epidemic.

“If you know that this epidemic is out there, you really need to be careful about who you have sex with. Have only 1 sexual partner and if you doubt your partner, visit a health centre and get tested,” Ipidari said.

With continuous awareness done every 1st of December, Ipidari added the theme, ‘Right to Health –Justice For All’ calls for everyone to do their part in combating the disease and at the same time, care for those living with HIV/AIDS.

(Residents during the World AIDS Day in Port Moresby)

Carolyn Ure