Rabaul clinic marks Pink Ribbon Day 2017

In commemorating Pink Ribbon Day 2017, the Rabaul Urban Clinic launched a month-long Breast Cancer Awareness campaign in East New Britain Province on October 1.

Health extension officer in charge, Emmanuel Mapoa, together with Sister Ivy and other sisters from the Rabaul Clinic, worked tirelessly covering the length and breadth of Rabaul environs and villages with the message on the importance of early detection of any abnormalities by self-breast examination.

The campaign was taken to business houses as well, such as the Rabaul Post Office, Rabaul Ports Corporation and Rabaul Metal Industry.

The campaign was well advertised with the whole one side of the Rabaul local level government building painted in pink and decorated with a giant pink ribbon.

The official closing of the campaign was held at the Rabaul Hotel and attended well by representatives of the community and business houses of Rabaul.

Guest speakers included Nonga hospital surgeon Dr Lapu and Lyn Woolcott, who spoke of her own personal challenge with breast cancer.

Students from the local St Martin’s Primary School Rabaul also attended as did the Rabaul Town manager Victor Vutliu and the District Administrator, Marakan Uvano.

HEO Mapoa concluded the program with a discussion on the way forward to improve to make a greater impact on the good health of our female population in Rabaul and ENBP as a whole.

Hannah Woolcott spoke of the need to create a women’s advocacy group, which was overwhelming well received and over 20 people volunteered to help get this group off the ground.

Past resident of Rabaul and Klinwata Plantation, Ms Rebecca Hopper, donated K1,000 to the cause as did Susie McGrade of the Rabaul Hotel.

The program concluded with a unanimous show of gratitude to the Rabaul Urban Clinic HEO and Sisters   by the attendees. 

Morning tea followed the event, hosted by Rabaul Hotel.

(Rabaul clinic nurses)

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