Water experiments from POMIS students

Sitting for examinations is not a criteria for success.

Success also involves determination and creativity, says a Port Moresby International School teacher.

Mrs. Anuradha Guru, a science and chemistry teacher, was speaking during POMIS’ science fair day on Friday. The theme of the event was ‘Innovative Ways for Clean Water’.

During the event, students showcased creative ideas and solutions that could be used to combat one of Papua New Guinea’s longstanding issues.

Some of the models created were water purification, water effluent treatment plant, Air to H20 machine, mini solar desalination plant, 3D printed portable water purification device, desalination process using parabolic reflection, and others.

Guru said in PNG, people have to travel great distances to get drinking water, therefore the students had come up with the idea of purifying water before drinking.

In an interview with students Caleb Wemin and William Wainaut, who created the model ‘multi helpful water system’, they said the purpose of creating this system was to decrease sea pollution, save species in the water and provide water for agriculture.

Other students, Jodie Veto and Sakina Cholai, who created a different model, said the purpose of their experiment was to find out which manufactured water sold in shops contains pure water.

Meanwhile, the event had given students a fair idea of what is going on around them so that they can help create safe drinking water systems for their people.

Tracey Parr