​Is PNG a lawless country?

​PNG is a lawless country but we are not honest enough to make the statement ourselves, says Watt Kiddie.

Kiddie is the founder of the WK Kiddie PNG Peace and Gutpela Sindaun Foundation.

Yesterday he hosted the first International Peace Day in Port Moresby, under WKK foundation.

Kiddie said the country, over the years, has struggled to maintain peace.

It is still a challenge and could be seen in our poor law and order situation.

This was also obvious in the recent general elections and continues to trail in the struggling health and education sectors, to name a few.

Kiddie said PNG has been silent on this day for many years.

“Peace is the foundation of all lives. We as individuals and the nation of PNG as a whole are part of the global communities who need peace in our livelihoods. We all can contribute in a small way that will promote peace for a promising better life,” he said.

Kiddie called on residents of Port Moresby to join in recognising this day.

It was small turnout this year but he hopes to see a bigger event in 2018.

(Watt Kiddie during yesterday’s event)

Gloria Bauai