​K300m for LOs ready: Undialu

K300 million is ready for distribution to landowners in the LNG Project impacted sites in Hela, says Governor Philip Undialu.

He said the state should shoulder the responsibility to pay all landowners for both upstream and downstream project impacted people.

His stance was a response to the landowners who recently came out in the media, asking for their benefits that have been long overdue.

The Governor reiterated that his people have long been ignored.

He said it was a sad scenario that after all agreements had been signed, the state is yet to address the landowners properly.

Meanwhile, Undialu has appealed to the landowners to return home, leave aside differences and find a common understanding to work together for their common benefit.

He maintained his stance that he disagrees with the state and for so long they have bulldozed decisions upon his people; the state must live by its word to commitments made to the landowners in Hela.

The Governor said with the court cases that the landowners have brought forward, many of them have been negotiated and will be settled out of court. This is to allow the Department of Petroleum, with State agencies and developers, to finalise the clan vetting process.

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Benny Geteng