Article misrepresented wardens: Commander

A disappointed Bomana jail commander says he was unaware of the presence of an independent investigating team at the Correctional Services facility last week.

Haraha Keko’s statement follows a report on the front page of one of the dailies claiming wardens were uncooperative.

An investigating team consisting of the  assistant commissioner, Chief Superintendent Henry Wavik, and two others, were sent up to the facility on Monday to talk with CS warders, whereby investigations were believed to be concluded on Thursday.

He says as commanding officer of the jail, he did not forbid any warden from speaking to the investigating team during the evolvement of enquiry.

Keko also stated that he was unaware either of the terms of reference nor was he sure why some staff did not want to cooperate as he does not know which staff were questioned by the investigating team.

Regardless, Keko said he does not question the instructions of the Commissioner but believes it would have made a difference if he was made aware and tried to talk his staff into cooperating with the team.

He reiterated that those who refused to cooperate with the investigating team were those that the team had questioned; their views and actions do not represent the entire wardens in the institution.

Attempts to get comments from both the CS commissioner and the lead investigator of the investigating team were unsuccessful.

(Bomana jail commander Haraha Keko)

Annette Kora