Attacks on ambulance condemned

The acting NCD-Central police commander and Assistant Commissioner of Police - Southern Command, has condemned the attacks on Saint John’s Ambulance over the festive period and into New Year 2021.

ACP Anthony Wagambie Jnr described the spate of attacks as “totally unnecessary and disgusting”.

“The Saint John's Ambulance crew were stoned by what I term as hooligans when they were on medical emergency run,” he stated.

“One of the ambulance crew members sustained injuries from a huge rock which was thrown through the window of the ambulance, shattering it in the process.

“Fortunately, police units attended to the attack quickly but the suspects escaped.

“People must start to understand, you cannot go around attacking health workers. These people give a lot to ensure that our needs are attended to.

“Medical workers treat everyone, even criminals.

“Saint John's Ambulance have been doing a tremendous job in quickly attending to medical emergencies within NCD and parts of Central Province close to the city.

“If these unprovoked attacks on medical workers continue and there is no guarantee for their safety then we will recommend to them to cut off services to communities that do this.

“The actions of a few will affect the rest of the community because the safety of health workers has to be guaranteed first.”

Press release