Bus operators plan to continue strike

Bus drivers, operators and PMV owners in Port Moresby say they will go on strike until their grievance is addressed by relevant authorities.

Buses throughout the city stopped operating since Monday afternoon due to an alleged attack on a route 17 driver at Manu Autoport.

According to an eyewitness, the bus driver was assaulted by police officers after he had turned his bus at a wrong corner, causing traffic congestion.

It has been alleged that the driver was brutally beaten up and is now nursing very serious injuries.

More than fifty buses were parked at the Unagi recreational area yesterday to discuss the next course of action.

The drivers have all agreed to cease operations as they claim to have been victims to this kind of behaviour from rogue police officers for a long time now. They demand action on this issue immediately.

They said they are aware of the impact of their actions on the general public however, they will not hesitate to continue the strike because they demand to be treated with respect and fairness. Some drivers also pointed out that this is their only source of income.

This morning, only a few buses could be seen running.

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Imelda Wavik