Detainee allegedly escaped from PMGH

One detainee is still on the run after escaping during the prisoners’ removal exercise conducted on the three major NCD hospitals on Tuesday.

Directions on the ban of the detainees’ leave of absence were carried out, which saw prisoners on medical LOAs be exempted from hospitals and transferred back to Bomana CS facility immediately.

Among those taken out of the Port Moresby General Hospital, one prisoner, Liam Morgan, was not found in his bed. It is believed he escaped from custody prior to his removal.

“A lot of messages about the ban have been passed out through the media and he might have got scared that he will be removed and made a run for it,” said Bomana CS jail commander, Haraha Keko.

Keko said that is something that will be established during the course of investigations.

“We just need to get the information to the police and they will take it from there.”

Keko further stated that if new information is collected, CS will assist police to locate the prisoner and bring him back to Bomana.

“We will definitely need police assistance and that is part of sector approach which has been in play for many years.”

He adds the period where a prisoner is on the run is taken into account and he or she will serve it when they return.

“It doesn’t matter how long they stay outside; months, or years, we will still get them back to serve that period.”

Keko appeals to the prisoners out and still on the run to be mindful of who they are and to surrender.

“Do the right thing. Come back and serve your time and when your time comes, you will be released.”

(Bomana CS jail commander, Haraha Keko)

Annette Kora