Failed robbery: Inside job gone wrong?

Police have revealed that the failed attempted robbery at downtown Port Moresby on Friday could have been the result of an inside job gone wrong.

According to the acting NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Commander, Christopher Tamari, the thieves had been following a Filipino man, who had just banked the day’s takings at Harbour City BSP.

According to reports, the thieves had miscalculated the timing of the man’s banking. They started tailing him after he had completed his bank runs.

The suspects then blocked him off at downtown, in front of the Steamships head office.

However, although their initial aim might have been to rob the man, they only managed to take K2,000 in cash and some other receipts from the bank.

Unfortunately for them, traffic police were doing their routine patrol when they came upon the robbery. Due to the traffic, the thieves were unable to speed away, and a quick thinking officer shot at the tyres of the vehicle.

The ordeal was captured on video by an eyewitness.

Police have confirmed that there were about four men involved in the armed robbery.

They captured the driver and another accomplice, who were holding onto the bonnet of the vehicle in a bid to escape.

Their other two cohorts, who had run up Hunter’s St, were also apprehended by another unit on standby.

The suspects are now in police custody at the Boroko Police Station.

Two factory-made guns were also discovered in their possession; one .38 special and a colt magnum. 

Imelda Wavik